Making It Up As You Go


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Making It Up as You Go: Selected Essays

Writing about Music, Improvisation and Teaching

By Isabel McNeill Carley


Editor’s Note and Schulwerk Terms


Introduction (by Anne M. Carley)

Part One – Origins

1. The Orff Approach

2. On Changing Your Life

3. Studies in Salzburg

4. AOSA Beginnings and The Orff Echo

5. Gunild Keetman, In Appreciation

6. The Magic Carpet of Sound

7. The Musical Realm of the Pentatonic

Part Two – Practicum

8. Where Do We Begin?

9. Speech Play

10. Building the Layered Orff Ensemble

11. The Essential Use of Improvisation in Teaching Recorder

12. Hand Drums: Playing Technique and Repertoire

13. Music Plus: Kindergarten Curriculum Goals

14. Advice to Orff Teachers

15. Transformations

Part Three – Exhortations

16. Training: Once Is Never Enough

17. Music Worth the Difference

18. Ersatz Orff (And How to Avoid It)

19. On Teaching Styles

20. The Value of Side Trips

21. Create or Perform?


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