Simple Serenade (2 Scores & CD)


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by Don Muro.

A lyrical composition using simple unison and two-part textures. The contemporary style synthesizer accompaniment builds throughout the piece to an exciting conclusion. With two performance options: S, SS. Includes 2 scores and accompaniment on CD.

American Recorder says, "This lyrical composition is less complex, as the title suggests, and features unison and two-part textures. Young recorder players and beginning adults would benefit from performing this contemporary composition with its beautifully orchestrated synthesizer accompaniment. The melodic line stays within an octave, starting on low-D then gently ascending and descending in D major (With the exception of a C natural, rather than the more difficult C-sharp). It is a perfect selection for introducing F-sharp. Generally, notes arc approached stepwise, although a few skips do occur. There is repetition of thematic material, helpful to inexperienced players, while legato and staccato articulation provide variety. The latter portion of the composition includes repeated high Ds, which are usually played with too much breath pressure by beginning players. This piece affords an opportunity for students to improve their tone quality as they enter the upper register. Simple Serenade is appropriate for elementary and middle-grades. It is an ideal concert piece."


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