Songplay (Book/CD)


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by Peggy D. Bennett.

Singing and playing provide a wonderful environment in which children can grow and develop. The songplays in this creative new music resource, will engage children in playful, nurturing experiences as they sing simple folksongs, while learning to respond to each other, focus on attention and listening skills, and use their imagination to describe ideas and actions. This book is ideal for all teachers of young children, both classroom teachers and music specialists. Each songplay section includes a detailed step-by-step teaching process, opportunities for cross-curricular connections and a listing of recommended literature readings. The well-designed layout makes lesson planning a breeze! The book includes a ìcoachingî CD with helpful musical prompts and song demonstrations in various keys by an adult solo voice for use in preparing each lesson.

For ages 4-7.

Song List:

A-Hunting We Will Go

Cold The Wind Blows Around Us

Come And Follow Me

Daddy Shot A Bear

The Farmer In The Dell

Hey, Betty Martin

Hickety Tickety Horney Cup

Hot Cross Buns

Jenny, Put Your Hand Up

London Bridge

Look, Look, Look At Me

Mary Wore Her Red Dress

More We Get Together

The Old Brass Wagon

Shake Those ‘Simmons Down


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