Touch Of Spain, A (CD Only)


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by Don Muro.

An exciting composition featuring extensive Latin rhythm and percussion. For intermediate recorder ensembles with four performance options: S, SS, SASA, SSAT. This product is the accompaniment CD only.

American Recorder says, "This innovative selection, appropriate for intermediate players, ably captures the spirit of the title. Latin rhythms and lyrical melodies combine to create an exciting selection that is replete with offbeat entrances and syncopated patterns. Players will enjoy the challenge of performing legato and staccato articulations while observing a wide range of dynamic markings, beginning with piano and continuing to fortissimo. The sustained introduction and coda offer an interesting contrast to the otherwise freely moving melody. The range of the soprano recorder goes from low-C to second octave G. Often, the musical phrases are repeated, assisting intermediate-level players in their performance. The score contains an optional piano accompaniment that can be substituted for the performance tape, if desired."


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