Xylophone & Other Barred Percussion

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by Tim Purdum

The second volume in the Creative Sequence series, Xylophone and Other Barred Percussion is a sequential curriculum of folk songs, original compositions, and creative student activities to teach melodic and harmonic objectives through the use of barred instruments. Organized as a ready-to-teach series of lessons, this volume is also intended to be a guide for creative teachers to design their own lessons, and incorporate barred percussion into their existing sequential curriculum.


The Rationale for Barred Percussion

Aligning Barred Percussion with Your Creative Sequence

Mallet Technique

Melodic & Harmonic Sequence ñ Introduction

Melodic Progression ñ Bitonic to Pentatonic

Melodic Progression ñ Hexatonic & Diatonic

Harmonic Progression

Writing Your Own Barred Percussion Lessons

Implementing Barred Percussion into Your Teaching



Index of Lessons and Songs




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